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5 Tell-Tale Signs of Career Stagnation

Most people nowadays hate their jobs. They are completely uninterested in their work. If you are reading this post, you are most probably one of them but do not worry as you are not alone. We all have been in a similar kind of situation.

There can be numerous reasons for your stagnating career and being uninterested in your profession is definitely one of them. A person can lose self-confidence if his career is stagnating. Most of the people are not even aware of career stagnation. It doesn’t matter whether you are working in Informatica IDQ Jobs or BODS jobs – it’s important to know the indications of career stagnation. So, in this post we will discuss about 5 tell-tale signs of career stagnation.

  1. You Are Not Motivated at Work- If you do not like your work or most importantly you don’t feel like doing anything then you are definitely not motivated at work. Though there are a lot of reasons that can cause this disinterest, it is not a matter of concern here. Being demotivated at work is definitely one of the signs of career stagnation. You would automatically be motivated or interested in your job if your career profile is going higher.

  2. It Has Been a Long Time Since Your Last Promotion- Just think really hard and try to remember when was the last time you got promoted? If it took you even 2 minutes to know this then most probably it has been a long time. People normally remember exactly when they were last promoted and are excited about it. If you work really hard and are dedicated towards your work and still your work is not appreciated enough, then this is also another sign of a stagnating career.

  3. You Are Not Meeting New People at Work- Remember the time when you used to see new bright, excited faces around the office every now and then? Is it still the same? Not only in your work place, but also in the office parties or events if you do not see any new faces for a long time then it is not only your career that is stagnating but your company is stagnating too. It is the right time to look for a new job.

  4. Your Performance Reports Are Just Satisfactory- It might be true that you reach the office on time, work hard and just meet the expectations, but that is not enough. You should never be satisfied with ‘just fine’ or ‘satisfactory’, but try to do something exceptional. If you are un-enthusiastic about your work life, then it is a clear sign of career stagnation.

  5. You Are Having Second Thoughts about Continuing Your Job- If you spend your time in the office dreaming about leaving this job and joining a new company, how will you work at your present company? You are definitely not growing in your current career and you should definitely start looking for your dream company.

So, these are some of the obvious signs of career stagnation.