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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Crawford Thomas Recruiting Reports on Changing HR Trends


(Tampa, Florida) Pew Research reports more than half of Americans use the internet when searching for a job, and 46 percent apply for jobs online. Companies failing to make use of this valuable tool may find they are missing out on the best talent in their industry. Furthermore, social media plays a large role in recruitment, yet many companies aren’t making the most of this resource. For these and numerous other reasons, many organizations now opt to work with a reliable staffing agency, one dedicated to finding the right talent for each position.

“Knowing where to turn to find the right person isn’t easy. For some industries, a newsletter may be the answer, yet others need to look to a network of professionals in the field. Putting a Hiring sign out front doesn’t work anymore, yet some companies still rely on this method. When companies turn to us, they know we understand the value of building relationships with clients and always put quality first when searching for a candidate for a position,” the staff at Crawford Thomas Recruiting ( explains.

The LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends 2016 Report states the time-to-fill metric is more important than it was in the past, and 45 percent of employers report that it now takes more time to fill open positions, as stated by DHI. DHI goes on to say unmatched salary requirements remain the main reason why this is the case. This means higher salaries for new hires will be required, and a recruiter can be of assistance in this area also.

“Companies don’t want to pay more than they must to find the right talent, and we at Crawford Thomas Recruiting ( recognize this. We deliver better talent in a shorter period of time and do so more economically. One major advantage of working with us is we help to reduce departmental attrition rates. This goal is accomplished by ensuring the right person is found for the job the first time. We don’t want you to come back to us multiple times for the same position. We work hard to have you come back to us any time a new position needs to be filled, not the same one again and again,” staff members state.

The Gallup Workforce Panel found 51 percent of employees were considering a new job in November, 2015. Companies need to understand this also and work to retain employees. A large part of this is finding the right person for the job, but it goes further than this. Candidates for a job and current employees need to be treated fairly. If they aren’t, they won’t stay. Furthermore, if a company has a bad reputation, 11 percent of job seekers, including those who are unemployed, would not work for the company.

“With so many factors involved in finding the right talent, it’s no wonder help is needed. Few organizations have the workforce in place to sort through resumes every time a new position opens, thanks in part to the sheer number of applications coming in. We simplify the process for both employers and potential employees, and all involved in the process appreciate how easy we make it,” Crawford Thomas Recruiting ( staff members declare.

About Crawford Thomas Recruiting:

During the 2003-2006 boom, employers found it challenging to find the right people to fill positions within their organization. As a result of this challenge, Crawford Thomas Recruiting was born. There was a clear need for a high-quality, consultative, value-oriented approach to recruiting and staffing, delivered by a reliable staffing agency. The company’s goal was to create a client base that was made up of companies that valued the quality aspects and relationships of the recruitment process. Quality always comes first with Crawford Thomas Recruiting, and this isn’t the case with other staffing agencies. The foundation of the firm is built on the mutual commitment between the client and the recruiter. Since its opening in 2007, Crawford Thomas Recruiting has worked with Fortune 1000 and Inc. 500 companies nationwide, doing so from the Orlando, Florida headquarters.


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Factors for Real Estate Development

Real estate development is also known as property development. The following are some of the things that are involved in this fussiness field renovations, re-lease of existing buildings or even purchase of raw land and sale of development land. This is the work that is aimed at understanding the needs of the real estate development business. The construction work is not part of this business though some companies do take part in it. It is one of the leading businesses in the industry today because of the factors that favor t. Real estate development has become very popular, productive and there is an increase in its demand. Those in this field are also very much involved because of the kind of work that they have to handle daily. The following are some of the factors that have made real estate development to grow bigger.

The currently growing population globally is one of the factors. The population is constantly growing. With an increase in the population from both the foreigners and the citizens born in that country, there has arisen the need of more and more real estates. There is an urgent need to satisfy the thirst for accommodation of the growing population of the world. The business will continue growing because the population will also increase. This is the main aim of satisfying the demand in the market.

The availability of resources is another factor. very many building materials can be found locally. If not so then you can get then from the region neighboring you. This is to mean that construction materials are not very much imported a part from just a few. There are also many companies that manufacture the raw materials needed for the real estate development work. This work can be quite demanding but has been made easier with the availability of raw materials in property development.

The population also provided enough labor. The labor is enough to run both the companies that produce the raw materials and the contraction one too. The factor of availability of labor has made this industry of property development to grow. There are also professional of property development certified by the local government to do this kind of work. This means that there is enough quality labor globally to run the real estate development business.

There are also schools and institutions that offer training on the development and even construction of real estates. This include universities that offer training for architects and polytechnics for masons. With enough knowledge in the real estate business and conduction, everybody plays their role to make sure that this business sector is up and running. Training in this institutions are always funded mostly by the government.

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The Basics of Commercial Real Estate That You Should Know

The commercial real estate business has recently emerged in the real estate market. If you have plans in engaging in such real-estate area, then you have to invest in it now. It was found in the year of 2004 that the cost of commercial real estate properties has quickly increased. Particularly, fourteen percent for retail properties, twenty-six percent for apartment complexes, six percent for office buildings, and twenty-one percent for industrial properties.

Once you have made up your mind to invest in commercial real estate yet do not know where to begin, then make sure to read this article.

So, how is investing in commercial real estate started?

When it comes to investing in commercial real estate properties, you must first be knowledgeable about what you are exactly purchasing. Commercial real estate does not deal with dwelling properties and only deals with a real property or one that could be used for residential purposes but with dwelling units from one to four. Commercial real estate is composed of properties that are used for commercial, educational, industrial, or medical purposes. It could even include certain properties that have four or more units being utilized for residential purposes.

Why do you still need to ask expert help from the professionals when you make commercial real estate investments?

Purchasing of commercial real estate properties could not be as smooth sailing as you expect if you are not equipped with the necessary real estate expertise. It is not wise for you to be embarking on a commercial real estate investment journey if you only do it all on your own. You have to only hire the services from real estate professionals. They are responsible in making sure that everything goes on smoothly by helping you look for a suitable property, handling the necessary paperwork, and closing in the deal.

Hiring a professional commercial real estate broker is the best option for you to succeed in making transactions in the field of commercial real estate. Compared with the everyday real estate brokers, these professionals are more competent in dealing with anything related to commercial real estate properties. Because of their help, you are assured to close the deal on the property that you have been eyeing on for quite some time. Professional commercial real estate brokers are also in the know of the latest commercial real estate properties that are being sold in the market. Because of this important information, they can immediately inform you of the latest commercial properties for sale. Most of the time, private and institution investors prefer to secretly sell all or just some of their commercial properties. Now, oftentimes these are very good commercial properties. And this kind of insider information is only known to commercial real estate property brokers.

So, why delay the hurry; get yourself involved in the commercial real estate market now.

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Factors To Consider When Hiring An Architect For Your Real Estate Development

When it comes to real estate development, hiring the right architect is a must. He will be in charge not only with the whole concept but also with the designing and planning of a building. You need to hire their skills and knowledge in order to put your dream building/ house into reality.

A good architect is someone who listens and understand your desires and eventually transforms them into physical form. He should have completed his training and he should be concerned with the safety of the people and the communities. He should also present to you his license before starting the project.

Hiring an architect with a lot of experience will always favor you. It is a fact that architects who has been working for at least 5 years have developed his own techniques and a strong foundation of excellent concepts. This is mainly the reason why it is necessary to conduct your own research when choosing an architect. Checking your potential architect’s credentials, qualifications, experience, etc. is a must before hiring him.

Because we are now all aware of the importance of your architect’s educational qualifications, it is a must that you go over his affiliations and accreditation. The architect you must get should be accredited by a reputable institution (ex. the American Institute of Architects (AIA) ). This only means that your architect can provide quality service.

Your architect’s geographical area of specialty is another important factor you must consider. Don’t forget that architects are different from each other when it comes to their specializations.

Another important element of a successful real estate development is the pleasant relationship between the architect and his client. You have to make sure that the architect you hire has excellent communication skills. He must also answer all your questions and queries. This is very important because this will determine if your project will be finished on a timely manner.

If your architect has several good connections, this shows that he has excellent political and negotiation skills. Hiring an architect that has plenty of connections and contacts is always a huge advantage.

When choosing an architect, the investor must consider all those factors mentioned above. Use the internet to your advantage when looking for a reliable architect. There are plenty of reliable architects on the internet just waiting for your phone call. Just visit their website and you will see their background, experience, and capabilities posted on their page. You may even read reviews and testimonials about them to determine the quality of service they provide.

Just in case you have colleagues, friends, or relatives that have tried hiring a good architect in the past, it is also a good idea to ask them for a referral. For as long as they are able to give you a recommendation, you will have the peace of mind knowing you have hired the right architect.

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Accounting Marketing Companies and How They Can Help You

Taxes are some things that you can’t escape, especially if you are a businessmen. The amount of tax that a business owner should pay to the government depends greatly on their annual income and the accounting of these taxes are only done at the end of every year. It is usual for businessmen to seek professional help when the tax season draws near. It is important to seek for assistance in this season because the accounting process will not be easy. It is advisable to hire an accountant months before the tax season starts. Do not just wait until the last month of the year before you seek for professional help because the chances are you will forget about it. The most convenient way for you to get through the tax season is to hire legitimate accountants to the job for you.

Fortunately, there are accounting services companies today that offer this kind of service to many businessmen in your local area. Because most of these accounting firms only have expert accountants in their team, you will definitely get the job done before the year ends. Since tax accounting only happens once a year, it means that you are given a huge amount of time to prepare for it. Accounting services marketing is not only useful during tax seasons. However, there is no need for you to hire several accountants long before the tax season starts. You will need to bear some things in mind when searching for a reliable accounting services company in your local area.

Customized Signboards and Banners
Smart Ideas: Businesses Revisited

Accounting companies also need to find ways to market their services to the public and it is usually through banners and signboards. Having a customer banner for the company’s information will definitely draw more clients to get their services. These banners should be visible throughout the city and other public areas. The services the accounting company offer, their reputation, and their rates are some of the things that they should include in their signboards. Custom signboards that are posted in public areas can certainly attract potential clients to visit your company.
Companies – Getting Started & Next Steps

Promotional Flags and Their Usefulness

The use of promo flags is also a good option for accounting firms to showcase their services to the public. Discounts and promotions offered by an accounting firm are usually being publicized through promo flags. Marketing for accountants requires patience and perseverance but as long as you are determined, you can certainly find the right clients. Accounting services companies should be able to find ways to attract more clients to try out their services.

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Hints on Commercial Real Estate Investment.

The aim of every kind of a business is making profit. Business entails association of sellers and buyers. A business can succeed or become dormant by some factors. It is obvious for marketing to be done to win more clients. There are three techniques of marketing in a business. These are website, posters, and direct sales. It has been proved for website to attract more customers. Posters can be used to advertise a business products and services.

Marketers can travel various places selling products and services to customers. We must safeguard both customer experience and user experience. It is good to satisfy the need of customers in the process of buying. We should display our products and services in the right manner to attract customers. Technology has opened up many kinds of businesses. Investment, trade, and online cash are examples of types of businesses. Online businesses involve exchange of services for monetary gain. It has been known for trade to entail exchange of goods and services for monetary gain.

Profit in investment is earned by using capital itself to invest in something. There are many categories of investments. One of a type of investment is real estate investment. We can work in three ways on real estate investment. We can purchase a land and make rentals. We can purchase and resell an only established estate. We can purchase a land and rent it for further use.
Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned About Houses

Expect real estate business to need a lot of capital. It is obvious to get finance for such a business from loan, well-wishers, or from your earned money. Expect to earn much by real estate business. It is obvious for our effort in estate investment to yield fruits. You should factor in some things when investing in real estates. It is good to have connections with your counterparts. Your partners should know what you want in your business. Most of the connections should be done via online. It is good to look on the appreciation value of the property. You should go for the property that has high appreciation value. This makes you to enjoy more profit in your investment.
Lessons Learned About Houses

You should be driven by real estates that allows other businesses to be carried out. It is obvious for such a characteristic to attract more of your clients. You should consider the price of the property. It is advisable to purchase real estates that can favor your pocket. You should look on the location of the investment property. The location should favor your clients in whichever course. It is good to look for a safeguarded property. The seller of the property should have with them clean documents.

3 Health Tips from Someone With Experience

Methods to Find the Best Nutritionist.

Nutritionists are in high demand in the USA because of the rising population of people who are overweight. As a result of their health concerns many people are contacting the nutritionists as they seek advice on their healthy measures. The nutritionist will advise you on exactly what you are supposed to consume, how much you should consume and tips on how you should cook. You can also contact a nutritionist in case you have a medical problem and they will guide you on a diet that suits you most. If you are looking for a professional nutritionist you should follow the following.

One of the first places where you can consult and get the best nutritionist is in the primary doctor’s office. Your personal doctor and your insurance cover are among the people who will refer you to the best nutritionist within your locality. It is important you specialize in getting a nutritionist who specializes in your area of illness if you are suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes. You should also contact your insurance cover so that you can know if they are going to cover the expenses of your nutritionist. If you don’t have an insurance cover and you are in need of a nutritionist you will have to pay for their expenses. The second place you can check for a professional nutritionist is at the American Dietetic association. You can check at the ADA where you will be able to access a record of all the professional and certified nutritionist across the nation. By pressing the filter button you will get the best nutritionist within your local area. You will get a satisfactory feeling if you get your nutritionist from the association because you know you will be working with a qualified personnel.

From the certification office, you can also get the best nutritionists. It is from the certification office that you will know if the nutritionist you want to hire is certified. You can check if your nutritionist is allowed to work within your local area by checking their name on the license board. Your close friends and relatives can also advise you and tell you where you can get the best nutritionists. If your friends have been in the same situation you are in, they will assist you in getting the best nutritionist. Once you are done considering all these places it is now time to make up your mind and settle with a nutritionist you like best. The professionalism of the nutritionist will be the key hiring determinant. Also, choose a nutritionist that you will be comfortable working with. After attaining the best nutritionist, you can contact them and hire them.Doing Tips The Right Way

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Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Health? This May Help

Ways To Choose The Right Nutritionist.

There are more people in the keeping healthy campaign as well as the fact that good diet is an important thing to consider in this case. This is a resolution to many people. It will be important to get the help of a trained person to lead you into choosing what to eat and what not to. There are many people feeding on the wrong foods which are the lead cause of obesity which comes along with many other problems. In that case then you will find that there are those who will also look for some fad diets which makes the body get deprived of the basic nutrients and that way its immunity goes down. In your search for the ideal person to deal with, you need to look at a number of these given tips here.

The very first thing is to identify your goals in this case what you need for your body. This is where you consider if you feel that the body has been deprived of some nutrients then you need to say. We have cases that there are people who will work well either to gain or eve lose some weight in the right way.

The nutritionist is needed to help you in eating right so that you may not have too much cholesterol or even high blood sugars in this case. You will find that it will be possible to have the targeted weight in this case which will help you in being healthy. It will be very important of you to find someone who will be able to understand this very in a way that they will be of help to you.
On Options: My Rationale Explained

There are the people who will call themselves nutrition coaches even if they have no credentials for that name. When you walk into any fitness center you will find that many will be there to give you advice on what to eat and what not to. Consider looking carefully in the kind of advice that you will be able to follow in that case. It will be best if you get the advice from a person who has gone to school to study nutrition and also understands too well all the terms needed to be understood.
Short Course on Wellness – Covering The Basics

When you look at how the nutritionist deal with their clients, there are different approaches that they do use. We have those that will tend to count the calories in this case while others will always insist on following a food journal. These is where you have to set some specific goals on what you really need and consider the ways in which you can achieve that.

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Hints To Sell Your House Fast

Offering your home can be an especially stumbling undertaking by numerous property holders anyway one can set up the house accessible to be obtained remembering the ultimate objective to get energetic cash. There are several tips an individual can use in order for them to sell their house fast by enhancing the curb appeal of their house by repainting the mailbox, plant new flowers on the porch amongst other things that can be able to enhance the appearance of the house as this tends to attract more home buyers.

One should also change the interior and exterior surfaces of the home by repainting it as this updates the surfaces of the house and this will make the surfaces of the home appear as new as this tends to increase the chances of a home owner selling her house. One should also ensure that they put their house in all the home listings so that other home buyers can be able to see pay a visit to the home so that they can be bale to determine whether or not they will purchase the house.

One should also ensure that the listing has good quality photos in which the potential buyers can be able to see as the photos are supposed to act as a representation of the house and if a potential buyers likes the photos then they can arrange to visit the premises so that they can determine whether they will buy the house from the owner. One should in like manner consider the cost of various houses that are being sold with the objective that they can have the ability to set a cost on their home , if the home loan holder sets a higher cost for the house then it will require a more broadened speculation for the property holder to offer the house however by esteeming their home on a vague range from others in the market so it can be anything besides hard to offer the house.
Why No One Talks About Homes Anymore

Putting the house for smart arrangement is moreover another technique for offering the house snappy by setting a house accessible to be obtained board on the section of the house with the goal that spectators can in like manner have the ability to understand that the house is accessible to be bought and may instantly get a prospect home buyer. One should in like manner consider depersonalizing their home for example by emptying the family photos and pictures on the dividers and surfaces a similar number of home buyers couldn’t care less to purchase homes that are altered as when they walk around the house they tend to have a supposition proprietorship.Finding Parallels Between Houses and Life

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Importance of Laser Beauty Medical Spas

Beauty is a broad term that means the ability to attract the eye. This covers up for the proverb that states; beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. What you see as beautiful must not necessarily be beautiful to another person. Today beauty has taken a different direction in the society. Ladies always want to look beautiful in their own way. With the recent technology in the medical sector possible to change, remove or add some parts and organ of the body to achieve intended beauty. An example is with laser beauty medical spas that mostly deal with hair removal. This method of hair removal has been widely accepted by many people because it has got very many benefits. The following are some of the benefits that are related to laser beauty medical spas.

You will get to save a lot of money if you visit a laser beauty medical spa. It has the ability of permanent hair reduction which will save you the cost of buying razors, shaving creams and even aftershaves. It is also cheaper in the since that if you compare these space and waxing spas you will realize that they are cheaper. They recently reduced their prices while waxing spas increased theirs. In addition, it is also time saving because it takes a shorter time as compared to other hair grooming methods.

Ingrown hair can be removed in laser beauty medical spas. It is the best method that is very convenient and reliable in hair removal. Removal of ingrown hair in the skin is also possible by using this method. You can never reach these ingrown hair because they are always on the skin in form of a pimple and you can barely reach them. If you want to get of such hair without having to worry about the pain then you should visit a laser beauty medical spa.

Laser hair removal as a hair grooming methods provided by laser beauty medical spas has got side effects. It is neutral and cannot affect the skin in any way. When you employ this method as your hair grooming method than you will not face the risk of cutting yourself of having skin rushes that react upon hair removal in shaving and waxing. This process is not only smooth but also accommodating to everyone. Be it that your skin s highly sensitive then you do not need to worry because laser hair removal is very safe.

To conclude, life has been made simple by laser beauty medical spas. They have ventured into the grooming world and brought together all the benefits that you need when you are removing your hair. Always visit such spas if you want to remove your hair from any part of the body such as armpits, bikini linings and even on the face.
Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Beauty? This May Help
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